Check out these generous Justice GA Exhibitors who pledged 40 service hours each

First, a little background: The General Assembly Exhibit Hall has long been a beloved part of the GA experience.  We wanted the exhibit hall this year to be a part of Justice GA, and also serve a specific purpose toward our larger vision and goals of this GA.  We welcomed UU exhibitors as well as other human rights and service organizations, past exhibitors and vendors of goods sold to benefit human rights and justice causes. We are excited for all these groups to form the Justice GA Expo, which will carry on the role of an important networking hub for the exchange of information and ideas.

As a part of the reservation process, each 5 day booth made a minimum donation of $150 to support partner organization participation in the exhibit hall and to support the 2012 GA Service Project.

As an additional show of support, exhibitors could choose to increase their donation or pledge service hours.  These exhibiting groups all pledged 40 service hours to be completed on their own, unrelated to activities at General Assembly:

We will hopefully have an upcoming blog post from one of them further detailing how they plan to spend their 40 hours of service.

To maximize the opportunity for justice work, partnership, and conversations, Arizona community partners are invited to utilize table space on Sunday, June 24 from 10:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. when the Justice GA Expo is open to the public. We will have a number of skirted tables set up in a prominent area of the exhibit hall that will be free for community partners to disseminate information, talk to attendees and the public, and sell items if desired.

We will also have a hands-on service project to be completed in the hall on Saturday.

Be sure to check out the Justice GA Expo (GA Exhibit Hall):

Exhibit hall hours:

Wednesday, June 20
12:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.
open to GA registrants only

Thursday, June 21
10:00 a.m. – 7:30 p.m.
open to GA registrants only

Friday, June 22
10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
open to GA registrants only

Saturday, June 23
10:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
open to GA registrants only

Sunday, June 24
10:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
open to the public

GA 2012 Exhibit Hall- Join the Justice GA Expo!

Are you interested in exhibiting at General Assembly? The Unitarian Universalist Association is gearing up for a fresh and exciting Justice GA in Phoenix, Arizona.  It is a GA that will have a focus on education, preparation, faith-based worship, witness and service. You are warmly invited to be a part of it!

The Justice GA Expo at the 51st UUA General Assembly will be an important networking hub for the exchange of information and ideas.  It will feature a wide variety of new and returning exhibitors that reflect the diversity of interests pursued by Unitarian Universalists: Craftspeople, Jewelry Artisans, Social Action Groups, Professional Services, Theological Schools, Educational Resources, UUA Congregations, UUA Organizations, Beacon Press, the UUA Bookstore, as well as partner human rights/service organizations, and vendors of goods whose sale benefits justice causes.  UU and non-UU exhibitors are welcome.

Just by reserving a booth, 2012 GA exhibitors will be making a financial contribution toward justice. For every exhibitor registration we receive, $150 of the booth rental rate will be donated to support justice work.  Exhibitors will also have opportunity to make additional donations for justice.  The GA Planning teams will also engage with exhibitors to identify other ways exhibitors can contribute to immigration, racial and economic justice work.

New This Year:
The GA Planning Committee is exploring opportunities for hands-on service projects that GA attendees can perform from inside the Expo Hall.

On Sunday, June 24 the Justice GA Expo will expand to include some additional local community partners who are engaged in justice work.  The Expo will be open to the public on Sunday.

Our current projected attendance for GA 2012 is 3,500.  Estimates become more accurate after registration opens in March.

More information about Exhibiting

Reserve Space in Exhibit hall

Program Ad information

As always- go to for the most current information about GA.  Thank you!

Exhibiting “Green” at General Assembly

Did you know that UUA will reuse 48,600 square feet of recycled content carpet at General Assembly this year? Carpet reuse avoids about 170,000 lbs of carbon dioxide emissions and saves enough water to fill 74,000 milk jugs!

Through practices like carpet reuse UUA and exhibitors are trying to create a ‘greener’ exhibit hall. A big thank you to all of these exhibitors who took steps to reduce the environmental impact of their booths this year:

These exhibitors reduced their footprint in a variety of ways, including:

  • Avoiding disposable booth elements by using materials and furnishings that are re-usable, rented or able to be donated.
  • Choosing reusable signage options, or ones that can be recycled locally.
  • Reusing packing materials and eliminating non-recyclable packaging.
  • Reducing or eliminating giveaways or ensuring these items are sustainable.
  • Using no lighting for their booth or choosing energy efficient lighting options like LED or CFL bulbs.
  • Using no flooring or choosing a re-usable carpet option with recycled content.

Come visit them in the exhibit hall and applaud their green practices!

To see find out more about the exhibit hall you can visit the list on our website or our new online event guide.

UUA Congregational Life Staff Group invites you to TABLE TALKS at GA

The UUA Congregational Life Staff Group will be facilitating Table Talks throughout GA.  Table Talks may be follow-up questions from GA programming or stand alone questions on many topics.  Each Table Talk will last 27 minutes.

Visit the Congregational Life Booth in the GA Exhibit Hall ( Booth# 721 on the UUA Expressway) for a schedule of Table Talks.

Sample topics (subject to change):

  • Governance
  • Hot Worship (beyond the weekly announcements)
  • Stewardship
  • What is the Adaptive Leadership Toolkit?
  • Appreciative Inquiry: asking better questions for tomorrow
  • What IS Justice Ministry?
  • Ministerial Transition: how to best utilize your district staff when you’re in a ministerial transition?
  • Conflict
  • Size Changes: Transition conflicts
  • Family MinistryTable Talks

Sneak Peek at the 2011 Exhibit Hall!

This year we have a full and lively bunch of exhibitors ready to serve your information, justice, networking, religious and shopping needs! How could they possibly cover all that and more?  To find out…

Check out our online list of exhibitors

Our new mobile/web guide Event Mobi will let you see exhibitors as well with the added functionality of being able to search by categories!

The Unitarian Universalist Association is committed to a diverse marketplace of ideas.  Participation in our exhibit hall does not necessarily mean the UUA endorses the position of any given exhibitor.

Check out our new 2011 GA Web/Mobile Event Guide!

We have recently unveiled a new interactive, innovative, and eco-friendly mobile event guide that gives attendees the ability to engage and access event information on their smartphones, tablet devices and computers.

GA 2011 web/mobile guide

It goes well beyond what is possible with a traditional printed guide.  It allows us to take our GA event to the next level by enhancing attendee networking, and increasing engagement, all while reducing paper printing. Attendees will have easy access to customizable agendas, maps, speaker bios, attendee profiles, and detailed exhibitor information right on their phone or portable computer. Speakers and exhibitors are currently updating their profiles, so you can keep checking back for more information.  You can even make your own attendee profile right now!

You can see our general schedule here and always check our website for the latest and greatest information!