Who out there attending General Assembly this year is vegetarian or vegan?  There is one of each in our office of four- so there has to be lots more of you out there too!

Not to fear- there will be plenty to eat.  I know when I arrive in a new city without my culinary guideposts finding somewhere to dine out can be a bit daunting.

So we’ve started to get the lay of the land for you.

Bon Appétit!

We have already asked the caterer in the exhibit hall to provide vegetarian and vegan options- so there will be something at the convention center for you.

While venturing around Charlotte for a meal out you might want to consider:

Enso – an Asian restaurant that has a vegetarian and vegan-friendly menu, though also serves meat.  (We ate here on our site visit and liked it a lot).

Blynk Organic is nearby with sit down option or prepackaged to go- I plan to check it out in June.  VegGuide.org says vegan, gluten-free and vegetarian options are well marked on the menu.

Brixx Wood Fired Pizza looks vegetarian friendly, and though I can’t find the information on the website, VegGuide says that they offer vegan cheese. (I can’t promise this is true, but you may want to call or check it out)

If you’re willing to travel about 2 miles from the convention center you can experience Luna’s Living kitchen– specializing in vegan and raw foods.

Salsarita’s seems to have vegetarian options.  See for yourself.

Check out options on your own by going to



If you live in Charlotte or just happen to know some great vegetarian or vegan places to eat there- please share in the comments!  Thank you!

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