Dr. Karen Armstrong, who has been named Ware Lecturer for 2011 General Assembly, will discuss her new book, Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life and the companion project, Charter for Compassion during her appearance at GA.

Armstrong recommends that anyone attending this year’s Ware Lecture read Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life in advance of her engagement. The book offers thought-provoking information about religious, ethical, spiritual, philosophical, and literary traditions that supports Armstrong’s thesis that compassion is a central component of all.

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  1. Sally G

    I am not sure how I found the Charter for Compassion, but I was lucky enough to be able to comment on the draft version—wanted to be sure that the humanist/atheist P.O.V. was included as well as those of the various religious communities! Signed on happily when it was released, and brought it back to Central Unitarian. Really looking to watching the Ware lecture as an off-site delegate—hope I can get some company from among my fellow congregants.


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