Come to GA to nourish the mind and the spirit!  The following programs scheduled for this GA will delve into the theological and spiritual foundation of our Unitarian Universalist faith.  Programs are subject to change.

Rev. Dr. Rebecca Parker and Rev. John Buehrens will co-present "A House for Hope: Our Theological Foundation"

A House for Hope: Our Theological Foundation
In order to grow our faith, we all need to be better versed in our own theology, in what we believe and what we offer. This workshop lays out UUism’s theological and spiritual heritage and challenges us to revitalize our theological identity for the twenty-first century.
Rev. Dr. John A. Buehrens
Rev. Dr. Rebecca Ann Parker

Cultivate a Peaceful Mind and a Good Heart
To cultivate a peaceful mind and a good heart, we must be able to listen for that still small inner voice that speaks in silence. This workshop will offer instruction in the philosophy and practice of superconscious meditation as a foundation for spiritually conscious living and ultimate fulfillment.
Rev. Ellen Grace O’Brian

Fahs Lecture: Warping and Woofing Through the Human Tapestry
Unitarian Universalists have a unique opportunity for bridge-building between theistic and non-theistic worldviews. Learn how to build communities that invite “engaged co-existence”, a posture that celebrates a diversity of worldviews while inviting discourse and challenge, encouraging each toward its best expression.
Dale McGowan

Faith Formation 2020: Called to Read the Signs
While nobody knows what the future will bring, we can see the trends and forces which might influence it: What will faith formation in our congregations look like in 2020? This workshop will examine thirteen trends and four scenarios that hold the key to the future of UU faith formation.
Rev. Sue Sinnamon
Rev. Phillip Lund

Finding Spirituality in Each Moment
We are spiritual beings every moment of our lives.  As we go about our daily routines, we tend to forget who we really are.  Come join us as we create a peaceful atmosphere for remembering who we are and recognizing the possibilities of the spiritual in all that we do and in all of life.
Joy-Ellen Lipsky
Rev. Lilia Cuervo

Good Without God: Something Nonbelievers Can Believe in
Focusing on the heart of Humanism, we can strive to live well, build community, and be good—without higher powers. To millions searching for something to believe in, we offer comfort and hope, affirming our common ability to live ethical, fulfilling lives, aspiring together for the greater good of all.
Greg Epstein

John Murray Distinguished Lecture: Connecting Beauty and Justice
Where do UUs find theological and spiritual grounding for our commitment to justice-making?  Rumi said, “Let the beauty we love become the good we do.” This lecture will explore the place of beauty in Universalist theologies of salvation–especially the theology of Hosea Ballou.  We can draw on this remarkable ancestor to formulate an insightful, affirmative theology of anti-oppressive engagement that will deepen our spirituality and fuel our passion for justice.
Rev. Dr. Rebecca Parker

Spiritual Fluidity:  Towards Multi-religious Thea/ological Education
Spiritual aesthetics of fluidity towards multi-religious thea/ological education is steeped in UU respect for wisdom inherent in faiths where the creative application of fostering multi-religious understanding, countering oppressions and creating just and sustainable communities intersect.  Learn how we tap this fluidity and how its relevant to 21st century Unitarian Universalism.
Dr. Ibrahim Farajaje
Rev. Dr. Rebecca Parker

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