While at General Assembly this year, you won’t be disappointed with Minneapolis food- it’s fantastic and you can choose to be very conscientious with your choices in this diverse city.  There are plenty of resources already compiled to find vegetarian and vegan friendly options.  Here are a few:

“compassionate eating guide” includes restaurants, health food stores, farmer’s market:


Midtown Global Market- picture from MeetMinneapolis.com

vegan friendly restaurants in Twin Cities area with map:


vegan friendly restaurants in downtown Minneapolis with map:


GoVeg.com names Minneapolis the country’s #7 vegetarian-friendly large city.  “Minneapolis, the home of vegan rock star Prince, offers hungry Midwesterners more than 200 vegetarian-friendly restaurants and grocery stores and 16 health-food stores and natural-foods co-ops.”

Read more:


Note: they mention Café Brenda, which has now closed, the management has opened Spoonriver (where we ate during our site visit!)

And finally, one last fantastic link showing more vegetarian friendly restaurant listings in the Minneapolis area.  This one is a favorite resource of mine, customizable to wherever you are:


Happy eating!

*If you’re local to the area or are familiar with Minneapolis, feel free to comment here or on our facebook page to add more ideas for locally grown, organic, sustainable and other ethical options!  This was focused on vegetarian and vegan diets- but we’d love to hear from you with a broader assortment as well.

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